Workday blog- April 7: Spring Seedlings

April 18, 2012

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

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We’ve had glorious weather so far this year, and April 7, 2012 was no different. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, we saw a yellow butterfly in the fields, ….

The three big events of the day were compost maintenance, path maintenance and planting. Yes, you heard it right, we got in a lot of cauliflower, mesclun, kale, and other things which I didn’t write down (I was on path maintenance most of the day). The photos show Danielle, Patricia, Kristin, Nicole, Michelle, Ilse, Beth, Cathy, Delia, Roger, and Meredith planting seedlings.
Another good thing about the day is that Bob got the water system working – he’s apparently worked a lot of hours on this over the last week or so. This was especially fortunate, because we were then able to lavish a lot of water on the thirsty seedlings.
In the background of the first photo, you can see the row cover (white sheet) which had
been sitting on top of the black hoops over the past week. This row cover was keeping
the previously planted lettuce a little warmer this past week; it was good to see that the
lettuce had survived.
Also, Kristin had put the new seedlings under the row cover on Wednesday; this “hardened” the seedlings for the planting today. “Hardening”: the concept that, a few days before transplanting, one puts the seedlings in the trays out of doors, to get them a little more prepared for the shock of transplanting.
At the end of the day, we enjoyed some shared snacks, including some locally picked
blueberry preserves canned last year. During this, a discussion arose as to the definition
and usefulness of “pectin”.

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