Summer Youth Program: Fort Totten’s Top 5

August 4, 2010

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

With our youth program winding down, we asked our teens to share the highlights of their summer on the farm. Here’s what some of them said:

This summer, for me, the top 5 things we did were
1)Field trip (We visited UDC’s Muirkirk Research Farm.)
2) Speakers (We heard from nutritionists, cooks, farmers and more.)
3) Farmer’s Market
4) Meeting the volunteers
5) Making a movie about zombie squash
(It shows next week at our fundraiser film screening!)

1) Going to the market
2) Harvesting for the market
3) Planting watermelon
4) Eating the food Caroline brought yesterday (It included pesto, locally made salsa, and fresh mozzarella.)
5) Presenters

This summer we have…
1) Worked at the Farmer’s Market (We set up a stand every Tuesday at Brookland Twilight Farmer’s Market.)
2) Visited a farm in Greenbelt
3) Been visited by the Lederer Team
4) Had many guest speakers
5) Eaten lots of good food
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