Let's get growing!

We can't wait to grow with you.

Have you grown vegetables for yourself before?
 Yes No

If yes, what type of vegetables have you grown?

What were you most successful with or what did you enjoy growing the most?

What do you hope to get out of the class, and how do you envision using what you learn from the class in future gardening endeavors?

Will you be able to attend all the class sessions?

 Yes No I already know I will miss several classes
Please let us know what classes you do not think you can attend in advance. It will be your responsibility to read over the materials from the class that you missed or find a classmate and review notes. We expect you to attend all class sessions.

NFI Class Expectations: Please click that you agree or disagree to the following classroom expectations.

I agree to spread the knowledge I learn in this class to family and friends
 I agree No way

I agree to attend all classes or notify the instructor or Director if I can not attend a session
 I agree I hate being outdoors

I acknowledge that gardening takes a lot of time and sweat hours!
 Bring on the sweat On second thought, I'll stay indoors

I am ready to learn and ask a lot of questions!
 I agree Learning sucks

I understand that I do not own my plot and will leave it in good condition for the next grower
 I agree I disagree