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December 2, 2013

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

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I asked why our other volunteers and supporters give to NFI and here are their touching stories of what NFI means to them:


I hope to one day learn how to grow my own food! 

With the industrialized way that food is made these days, all the chemicals that go into it, and climate change happening in front of our eyes, for me it’s every day more important to be able to eat local, fresh and healthy food. Food production around the world these days is unequal and unsustainable – and, in this fast changing world, I believe the skill to grow your own food is invaluable.
I volunteer with NFI to learn and to be more connected to the earth and the processes that bring us food. I believe in bottom-up efforts like NFI which help more and more people become involved in growing food.   


The skills the Neighborhood Farm Initiative teaches help people get more conscious of what they’re eating, the work it takes to grow it and the connection each meal has with the natural environment. In an urban setting, it is entirely possible to only ever encounter produce in cellophane packages or in a bin by the register. I value the experiences I have with the other NFI-ers as we put our time and effort into the hands-on cultivation of delicious vegetables and fruits (and the occasional legume!). It is a wonderful and welcoming community that has developed among folks interested in deepening and sharing this knowledge, coming from a wider swath of D.C. than one typically is able to find. I give to NFI so that more people might know the joy of learning to grow their own food as part of such a fantastic community.


When I returned to DC three years ago, I wanted to dive into the world of urban food-growing, and NFI was key in helping to make that happen. I took their education course, got my own plot, and eventually joined their board. I’m proud to now be part of DC’s community of gardeners, and through NFI I recently coordinated an entire oral history project focused on this community. It’s all been a labor of love to say the least. 

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