Slab Redux

March 26, 2012

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

Blog post by Neil Zimmerman:

I will report on two aspects of the field work today:

1) Continuation of the people-vs-rocks saga: As discussed in the March 22, 2011: Humans 1, Concrete Slab 0 blog, last Summer we worked on removing some large concrete slabs from the NFI demonstration plot. This involved sledgehammers and brute force fun. This Saturday, Chris Maxwell, NFI volunteer and Mamie D. Lee Community Gardener plot holder, needed to remove a boulder from the plot that he and Bea Trickett (NFI co-founder and Vice Chair of the board) are working. With the help of another NFI volunteer, they retracted the boulder from his plot. After that, the question arose: “Chris, where do you want the boulder put?”. When his reply was noncommittal, the obvious answer was: “Let’s add it to the NFI Cairn!” The photo shows Chris placing their boulder on top of the pre-existing (concrete) NFI Cairn. As we uncover more big rocks, we hope to make our Cairn, which also serves as the volunteer meeting place, grow larger and larger.

2) The roto-tiller struggle: As we continue to prepare the NFI demonstration plot for planting, we brought out the power tool today! The NFI roto-tiller is a fairly small version, and various volunteers including Bill Brower, Karen Buchsbaum, and Neil Zimmerman took shots at figuring out how to efficaciously use the tiller.

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