Salsa Party

August 30, 2012

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

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Notes from our volunteer team leader, Neil Zimmerman. Thanks again, Neil for your leadership and enthusiasm! 
Today was a good day for two reasons:
  • We had a bigger harvest than I’ve ever seen from NFI before.
  • The salsa party afterwards was filled with great fun, good community, and delicious food.

Harvest: Our total haul for the day included:

Tomatoes: 28 pounds                          Kale: 1 pound                         Peppers: 2 pounds

Eggplant: 5 pounds                             Squash: 10 pounds                  Zucchinis: 17 pounds

Spinach: 3 pounds                               Basil: 3 pounds

Unlike many other days, the harvest was so bountiful that we had three-four volunteers working fulltime just on harvest – people really enjoyed seeing the fruits of our labor.

[l to r, standing] Roger with a pony of tomatoes and a bag of cherry tomatoes, Wes with a basket of zucc’s and squash, Jenna with spinach, Phil with eggplant and squash, Kelsey with heirloom tomatoes and kale; [kneeling] Danielle with basil, Kim with peppers and more tomatoes.

Afterwards, two of us brought most of the harvest to the DC Central Kitchen [we are hoping to arrange a visit there for the NFI at some point].
Salsa party: After the workday and cleanup, seven of us gathered to make and eat salsa.  Phil ran home to get an onion and garlic, while others of us kept chopping.  The conversation was rewarding, touching on salsa, how to grow garlic, homos, which salsa got garlic and which did not.

It is so joyful to work hard in the rows, harvest ingredients, and then work as a team to make delicious food and eat in communally.

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