Our Mission

We promote collaborative, sustainable cultivation of food in urban spaces.

We work to increase opportunities for Metro DC residents to grow food and participate in the diverse communities that thrive in shared urban gardening spaces.

About us

The Neighborhood Farm Initiative seeks to ensure that all people in our urban community have an opportunity to eat healthy, local food.

Our community members are dedicated to building the best lives for their themselves and their families, but many don’t have access to the fresh fruits and vegetables they need to be happy and healthy. Too often, grocery stores are hard to get to and the easiest place to find a meal doesn’t offer the nutritional value to keep us active and strong.

NFI offers a vibrant and open space for community members to tackle these challenges. Our team of expert gardeners and dedicated volunteers works with diverse community members to help them develop the skills and confidence to grow their own healthy food—by planting a thriving garden in
the middle of Fort Totten’s city streets.


NFI aims to improve underutilized public green spaces by creating demonstration gardens for hands-on community-wide gardening education.

At NFI, our gardeners, volunteers and community members come together to plant seeds, harvest fruits and vegetables, and share stories and experiences. Our community members leave the garden with food in their baskets and confidence in their abilities. And our gardeners and volunteers partner with local organizations to share our harvests with children and  families who don’t have access to healthy food.

Together, we strive to ensure that anyone across Washington, DC has the opportunity to put healthy, local food on the table—no matter what.

NFI keeps growing!

Each year NFI shares its growing knowledge with others. Since our start NFI has helped grow:

  • 1440 volunteers
  • 75 participants that have completed one of our hands-on Adult Garden Education Classes
  • Over 8,000 pounds of fresh produce that has been donated to area food banks & kitchens


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