NFI Welcomes New Staff in 2011!!

April 1, 2011

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

Rachelle Ellis – Young Growers Program Coordinator

Originally from Mississippi, agriculture has been part of my family’s history for generations. After 3 years of working on a small family farm, I am very happy to be with NFI now, helping others empower themselves through learning to grow their own food. My favorite veggies to eat are tomatoes, sweet peppers, and summer squash, and I think I have a talent for perennial herbs. I hope to use what I’ve learned over the years to increase the accessibility of fresh, local, and

naturally grown produce in and around the District.

Tricia McCauley – Hoophouse Manager
Tricia McCauley is an herbalist, nutrition coach, lotion & lip-balm maker, and obsessive gardener.
She is passionate about connecting plants and people, and is thrilled to grow le
afy green loves with NFI.

Abel Russ – Adult Gardening Education Program Teacher

Abel grew up in Maine and learned about gardening next to the ocean.
He also experimented in Worcester, Massachusetts and in the happy hollows of Vermont. He is afraid of melting in the D.C. summer but looking forward to seeing the growing season in a new place. When he has to go inside he works for the Environmental Integrity Project.

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