NFI Seedling Updates

March 6, 2013

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

Check out what’s growing in the greenhouse and what to expect to plant when you volunteer with NFI! 

Planting on February 22:

Phlox Beauty Mix
Everlasting Straw
Purple Echincea
Dill - Mammoth
Sage- Broadleaf
Lavendar- True
Onion- Red Wing
Leek-  American Flag
Brussels Sprouts- Long Improved
Cabbage- Red Express
Lettuce- Red Planet Salad Mix
Fennel- Florence
Lettuce- Red Salad Bowl
Mustard- Florida Broad Leaf

Collards- Georgia Southern
Kohlrabi- Early White
Pok Choy- White Stem
Kale- Vate Drawf Blue
Kale- Ragged Jack Red Russian
Arugula- Astro

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