NFI presentation at Mount Rainier "Build a Better Block" Day

April 21, 2011

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

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Neil Z. shares a short post on an NFI outreach activity.

On Saturday, April 9, 2011, Mount Rainier held a Better Block Project. Mount Rainier is a small but cool neighborhood in PG County on the east side of DC; it’s best known to me for i) where Bea and also Gabe Popkin live, and ii) where GLUT and Joe’s Movement Emporium are located.

To quote from the website, “The Better Block project is a community-driven, one-day festival celebrating, energizing and showcasing a vision of the vibrant, pedestrian-friendly retail cluster of the Mount Rainier Arts District on 34th St.”
NFI set up a largish information/demonstration area in a vacant lot.

Amongst other interesting activities:

i) Tricia, the new hoophouse manager, set up a table to sell her homemade balms, etc.

ii) We sold, amongst other items, asparagus crowns (I had to ask Bea how one plants these).

iii) A variety of demonstrations, including:

a) Herb drying and tincturing

b) Pickling

c) Composting

iv) A scale model of row cover (thin fabric stretched over hoops, to keep a row warmer but which allows in sunlight).

v) A petition to allow chickens in the County.

We had a fair number of visitors, including between ten and fifteen at each of the demonstrations. It was rewarding to see so many people interacting with their neighbors, and the sense of added community that that engendered.

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