NFI Celebrates a Fantastic Season!

October 7, 2009

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

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On October 3rd we celebrated a fantastic season as a way of thanking our generous volunteers for all their time, love, and energy! We began the day with a fall-prep work day, for which we were joined by a group of 10 volunteers working as part of the South Asian Americans Leading Together’s (SAALT) Be the Change national day of service. We were also joined by countless other volunteers, both new and long-standing, and got a lot accomplished. At noon we wrapped up the work and had a potluck lunch, which was supplemented with fresh picked cherry tomatoes, watermelons, green beans, and other goodies we have in great quantities!

SAALT and other volunteers work in the plot of a Garden Class student who moved away from the area last month. They were excited to find and eat the hidden treasures, including Carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil, growing amongst the weeds.

SAALT volunteers remove Morning Glory from the NFI deer fence. While morning glory flowers can be beautiful, the vines can take over and, if left unattended, could tear the fense down!

Weeding and mulching the fall greens.

Sifting Compost is a lot of work, volunteers took turns using a digging fork to transfer the mix of finished compost and partially composted weeds from the bins onto the Bread Crates above. Then, other volunteers worked and loosened the soil sifting it through the holes in the crate, and into wheelbarrows. Anything not broken down enough to fit through the holes, went back in the pile!

There was plenty of finished compost to go around, and any gardeners who had come for the garden clean-up day were welcome to add it to their plots.

Volunteer Neil harvests some Heirloom Tomatoes to add to our potluck lunch spread.
Volunteers gathered around the food, cooling off from working in one of what could be the last hot days of the season, with fresh picked watermelon and iced lemonade.
After lunch we were joined by a group of dozens of bicyclists who were part of a Harvest Bike Ride, a 26 mile randonneuring bike tour of gardens and worker-owned food cooperatives in the DC area.

This event was a great opportunity for new folks to be introduced to our project, and also for people who had volunteered early in the season to come back and see how much we had accomplished in one summer. It was truly an chance for us to all appreciate the fruits of our labor!

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