May 2, Class #1: Soil testing & preparation

May 3, 2009

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

Last Saturday a group of 15 braved the predicted rain and came out to the Neighborhood Farm Initiative site to attend the first in our series of classes! Josh built a mini-amphitheater out of straw-bales, and we all huddled under a couple of canopy tents to hear about the first crucial steps to gardening– soil testing and prep.

Here, Josh is demonstrating proper digging techniques, and what each tool is best used for.
All the participants getting introduced to their plots– exciting!

Getting down to work — the first “assignment” was to spread and spade in a pile of finished compost into the top layer of soil

Everyone did a superb job, and got done within a couple of hours! Our straw amphitheater turned into mulched paths in between the 3’x15′ beds we’ll be planting in soon.

Over on the other side of the garden, our lettuces continue to thrive– almost big enough to harvest! Our pea plants are starting to look for a trellis to climb, and we’re starting to harvest our radishes–mmmm!

Jamie spent the day installing an amazing bread crate rack system inside our new shed– the bread crates are like drawers full of all sorts of useful tools and supplies — THANKS, JAMIE!!!

Our shed is only tall enough to stand comfortably for someone who’s 5’1″ or less — funnily enough, I’m 5’1″!! [I swear this was a coincidence– our shed had to tie into an existing structure that just happened to be my height :) ]

All around, today was a wonderful day! The rain held off until a few hours after everyone was finished digging, and everyone said they had a great time. We can’t wait till next week’s class!

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