Lights, Camera, Action!!

March 3, 2010

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

By Leigh Crenshaw

Gardening and eating locally can be overwhelming if you are new at it. With this in mind NFI has begun taping a series of garden and food related How-to videos.

We put out a call in early January asking for topics and suggestions on tutorials. Great ideas rolled in, and we roped two volunteers into showing their skills on camera.

Kellie walked us through the steps of freezing stone fruit. Neil preserved a great winter staple – cabbage – by making sauerkraut. Each peppered their tutorials with helpful hints that take the mystery out of putting food by.

As with of all NFI’s projects, there were volunteers behind the scenes helping to lighten the load. Everyone took a hand in chopping, pitting and slicing; together we made quick work of the tutorials and even had time to share a beer.

The videos will find their final home on DC’s Field to Fork Network web site.

For more photos of the film-making process, click here!

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