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April 12, 2011

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

Wait, what’s Young Growers?Neighborhood Farm Initiative (NFI) is starting up a weekly training program seeking to help young adults aged 17-21 who are currently unemployed/underemployed learn organic gardening skills that would help them secure green jobs in and around the District of Columbia. The program runs April – October, 2011.

How often would we meet, and where?
Meetings take place 2-3 times/week at various urban gardening and workshop sites. Most sites will be metro & bus accessible. Ride sharing to less-accessible sites would be coordinated within the program and its participants.
Does it cost anything? Do I have to interview?
This program is free to participants! There is no formal interview, though we will give you a short survey in order to assess what you already know or don’t know about growing vegetables. If you want to be in the program, then we want you there too!
What will I get from all this?
Not only will you garner the knowledge to grow, prepare and preserve your own organic produce, you will also gain valuable job skills to help secure future employment in
green jobs. These skills can be applied in fields ranging from gardening to farming to farmer’s market work to non-profit work!
Who do I contact? Is there a deadline? Go to or email by April 30th to get started!
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