It’s been a busy Fall!

September 26, 2009

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

During the month of September, we logged more than 150 hours of volunteer time, and are still working hard to get ready for winter! Our tomatoes have finished for the season and have been removed and replaced with a cover crop, and our compost pile has composted and is ready to spread on newly tilled ground! In addition to working in our garden, volunteers sold produce at the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market, and also conducted a DC-wide Urban Garden Census! We are looking forward to another busy month in October, and then winding down our work-days by the end of the month. There is still lots to do between now and first frost though!

Our summers work has really paid off, as our September Harvest has been bountiful, beautiful, and delicious!
Our many rows of basil has paid off, keeping our CSG shares large and our freezer full of a years supply of Pesto!

Bea Sifts Compost, beautiful beautiful compost. It’s amazing how this rich soil was just a pile of weeds and food scraps just a few months ago!
Volunteers enjoy a watermelon fresh picked only moments ago!
Volunteer, Carolyn, plants winter greens in a special 4’x12’ garden mat, donated to NFI by the office of Vermont Senitor, Bernie Sanders.

Fresh Picked Cherry Tomatoes: Just like candy!

Harvested for Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market

Volunteers remove the tomato plants, in preparation for planting cover crops.

Looks like our fall greens will be plentiful at least up until the first hard frost!
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