Our Values

Practical. Accessible. Collaborative.

Growing healthy food is a birthright for everyone! All of us have farmers and gardeners in our family history.

How We Garden

Growing good food doesn’t have to be complicated.

At NFI we promote sustainable food gardening methods that are:

Low cost – work with simple materials and what you may already have on hand, and grow food inexpensively

Low maintenance – we show how to help plants, soil, and insects work together to do some of the work for you!

Low input –  skillful organic gardening lessens the need for fertilizers and pesticides

Low impact – natural growing methods nourish the cycle of life rather than deplete it

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Collaboration & Community

In times past, neighbors created victory gardens to sustain their communities in times of food scarcity.  NFI keeps that collaborative spirit alive by bringing community members together to share the work and the bounty of growing healthy, local food together!

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