Healthy Eating Habits: Food Diary

June 24, 2014

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

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Breakfast: I start out most of my weekday mornings having the breakfast – toast with peanut butter. I wanted to dedicate more time this year to bread making, so I pledged (via Facebook so everyone would see) that I would make a new loaf of bread every month. This month I made a hearty, whole-wheat oatmeal loaf and it was delicious with the peanut butter! I also start my morning every day with tea. A month ago it was coffee or black tea, but after an 8 year addiction, I decided to go cold turkey with caffeine. Now my go-to is dandelion tea, it has the same bitter taste that I love in the morning, but is great for your digestive system.  I learned this from our herbal instructor, Holly who I would love to have on this blog so I could copy her meals for a month.


Snack: I used to be a big snacker at work, but after I switched out from the nine-to-five gig and was on my feet most of the day either in the garden or running around I noticed that I stopped snacking. Now I usually just enjoy tea or a hot beverage during some downtime, and this morning it was peppermint tea to help perk up my brain!


Lunch: I’ve always enjoyed a nice lunch. It makes me sad when I just see someone eating a granola bar or something probably otherwise unsatisfying for lunch. To me it’s a time in the day to take a step back and refocus, so a healthy lunch is my way to go. Today’s special was leftovers from dinner, something my husband and I nicknamed Trasherole. Two summers ago we noticed we had so many greens from our garden and csa that we just didn’t know what to do with it all, so we came up with Trasherole. It’s basically 8 cups of greens/veggies, 4 eggs, some cheese, and any kind of spices you want baked for about 30 minutes with breadcrumbs on top and voila, dinner! I also got used to having salad at almost every meal (besides breakfast) because of the amount of fresh greens we’d have at one given time. I love it when half my plate is full of salad. The red sauce is hot sauce made by NFI’s Garden Manager last year with NFI grown peppers. To end the meal, I brought in a beet brownie! I made these once when we had so many beets that I couldn’t down another one, so I found a way to make a dessert out of them and I’ve never baked another kind of brownie again.


Snack: This week was full of technology issues, so after having email problems, the internet not working and my computer almost crashing, I decided to get out of the office and get myself a hot chocolate with soy milk. It was also one of those cold March days, so it helped warm me up as well.


Dinner: This is probably one of my favorite dinners – collard wraps! They are so easy and so delicious that I end up eating them a lot when collards are in season. The filling is a mix if soysage, quinoa, onions, several spices, and kale. Of course a salad is also part of the meal, topped with flax seeds and carrots. Not pictured here because I forgot was a Heavy Seas IPA, also a great part to the end of the day.


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