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November 27, 2013

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

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Ann Beman watering our seedlings

As we start the first week in the GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge which we are participating in to secure a permanent spot on their website. To do this we need to raise $5,000 from 40 donors before December 31, 2013! Not only will this secure our spot, but this will also kick-start our programs for 2014!

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I asked our board members the reason they volunteer their time (and money) to continue to keep NFI running smoothly. Our wonderful Vice Chair, Ann Beman, who is an avid gardener herself wrote in to say what NFI means to her: 


My family started growing some of our own food in 2009. As we’ve learned and grow more, we make fewer and fewer trips to the market, saving us time and money. The entire family (plus some of our neighbors) have become enthusiastic about eating our home grown vegetables and discovering new ways to prepare them. As a result, we also purchase (and eat) a wider variety of vegetables than we did before we started growing our own. Growing our own also adds a level of security in the sense that, even when a bad storm blows by – knocking out powerlines and emptying grocery store shelves – there are still fresh vegetables growing just outside the kitchen door. The pride and the sense of security I feel in harvesting something fresh for dinner, just outside the kitchen door –  is a satisfaction that is hard to articulate. These benefits can be realized by anyone who wants to try – and that is why NFI teaches people to grow their own food.
As small-scale food production becomes more wide-spread – with more and more people becoming  involved in growing food, the value for communities also grows. By growing food people gain a sense of connectedness to the earth that sustains us and they reap the health benefits of improved diet and the outdoor physical activity that comes with tending a garden. Growing food close to home also reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating so many food miles. By teaching people to grow food we are cultivating that transformational movement that will bring more resilience and sustainability to families and to communities. 

- Ann Beman

Help us secure our GlobalGiving spot and support our programs by contributing a tax-deductible donation today. We couldn’t do these programs without you. 
Kristin Brower
NFI Director
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