D.C. Film Premiere Showcasing Attacks on U.S. Farmers

June 17, 2011

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

This post is by Volunteer Coordinator Sam. Thanks for sharing!
Mark the dates, June 17th-23rd at the West End Theatre in D.C., new documentary about real food, the farmers that produce it, the consumers that eat it and the government agencies that are hell bent on destroying it!

Farmageddon is a documentary that highlights several families across the U.S. whose farms have been under attack by the USDA and FDA in recent years for producing and/or selling real food. Watch the movie trailer: http://farmageddonmovie.com/ and read why director Kristin Canty decided to become a food freedom activist!

While the film interviews small dairy farmers who have fallen victim to legal harassment by the FDA, viewers will be shocked to learn that FDA federal agents unlawfully performed violent search and seizure operations on their farms…..the culprit: unprocessed food!

Oh no…..not natural and wholesome food!

Not to preach to the choir, but I believe that we have a fundamental right to be healthy and for me, that means having access to local farm food and thus, knowing my food source. (Thank you NFI). However, the USDA and FDA are harassing small-time farmers that are producing healthy and totally safe food to the point where I, as a consumer, might not be able to access it. Doesn’t make much sense?

If you are at all interested in governmental policy toward farmers, agriculture and the broken American food system, Farmageddon is a must see!

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