Compost workshop this weekend

March 20, 2011

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

Come one, come all to NFI’s annual community compost workshop! We’ll start with a discussion about home and community garden composting through an urban lens with Kaitlin Rienzo-Stack, Master Composter and educator through DC DPR’s Urban Compost Corps training. So bring the questions you’ve always wanted answered, and we can set you on the path to turning humble humus into black gold.

Then we have the opportunity to put our skills to use immediately as we tackle the renovation of Mamie D. Lee’s community compost piles. Maintaining a working composting system is one of the biggest challenges DC community gardens face, and its success is well worth the effort to close the nutrient loop, conserve topsoil, prevent priceless organic matter from entering the landfill, and (last but certainly not least) provide fertilizer for future crops. We’ll bring handouts and resource sheets for you to take home. Please bring a water bottle and gardening gloves.

It’s all happening from 10-12 this Saturday 3/26 at Mamie D. Lee Community Garden near Fort Totten metro station. Email with questions.

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