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Succession Planting

September 27, 2014 • Ian Whittington

I planted my peas under the tomatoes to take advantage of its shade before it dies.

I’ve been getting mixed results with all the seeds I’ve sowed lately. The peas I planted are doing really well.

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Fall Session Class Two – Planting

September 18, 2014 • Ian Whittington

All the wonderful transplants NFI provided us, include broccoli, kale, and lettuce.

Great news! It turns out I really am able to grow everything I wanted. Well, almost everything.

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Springtime Veggies

May 30, 2014 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Showers one day and humidity the next is a good sign we’re well into spring. It also means fresh produce abounds! We believe it’s important to eat what’s in-season, so why not have some fun and experiment with new recipes? Here are some of our favorite springtime veggies and recipes. If all else fails, just […]

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Neighborhood Farm Initiative | Pruning, Thinning, Staking

May 27, 2014 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative

During our Pruning, Thinning and Staking class last weekend, Joe Ludes walked us through some quick tips for developing a cucumber teepee, along with tomato staking. Below were some of the insights we took away from our class at the garden. The class taught us how to grow a cucumber on a teepee. Cucumbers are […]

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Quick tips from our Medicinal Herb Instructor, Holly!

April 30, 2014 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative


I sometimes wish I could sit down with Holly, from Little Red Bird Botanicals for a whole week and pick her brain because she’s so full of wonderful knowledge.  She just recently finished teaching our Spring Herb Growing & Remedies class this past weekend, and while I wish I could have listened to the whole […]

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Tips from the Garden: Transplanting & Seeding

April 25, 2014 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative


    Indoor-started seedlings have a head start on the garden season, but they can suffer a setback if you transplant them without some TLC preparation. In the gardening community, this preparation process is called hardening off and it is important because it allows plants to adjust to the great outdoors at a slower pace. […]

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Seasonal Herbal Growing & Remedies: Session Re-cap

April 17, 2014 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative


Huge thanks to our summer instructor Holly Poole-Kavana and to everyone that made it out to our first Seasonal Herbal Growing & Remedies Class last weekend—we had a blast with everyone and can’t wait for the next class! To re-cap, we planted and learned about two of our favorite medicinal plants—Chamomile and Fennel! Let’s look […]

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Five Herbal Remedies for Allergy Sufferers

April 9, 2014 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative

As an allergy sufferer, taking medication to prevent symptoms from flaring up is a part of my daily routine, but understanding that there are options outside of anti-histamines and decongestants is a game-changer! Below are five of the best herbs to combat allergy symptoms: BUTTERBUR Blocks some of the chemicals that trigger swelling in the […]

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The Self-Watering Container in 7 Easy Steps

April 8, 2014 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative


Having just attended Rooting DC a few weeks ago, I was feeling energized this weekend to bring to life my own home garden. Lacking any yard space, my roommates and I decided to put containers up on our rooftop.

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Row Covers: Handy-kids extend the growing season in the school garden.

April 8, 2014 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative


I am not the most savvy of carpenters, but last week’s NFI Intermediate Winter Gardner class gently nudged me outside my comfort zone. I found myself with a neat pile of lumber at my feet, a bunch of screws, and a drill in my hand. Similar to an Ikea experience, if Ikea sold cold frames.

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