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Herbalism from cultivation to cupboard!

April 9, 2015 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative

  Grow your own herbs for health and wellness NFI’s Spring Course in Herbal Remedies Saturdays, April 11 & 25 (two sessions) 11:00am – 1:00pm at the NFI Urban Garden Our instructor, trained as a botanist and herbalist, will show different ways of starting medicinal herbs in the garden and discuss considerations for medicinal herb […]

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This Earth Day can last all year

April 9, 2015 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative

  Summer gardening class, seasonal herbalism, and more! Eat well while healing the earth  Join us to celebrate and honor the Earth’s bounty on Saturday, April 18 in NFI’s urban garden! Urban food gardening course – spaces still available! Starts Saturday, April 18 (ten sessions) 10:00 a.m. – noon at the NFI Urban GardenFood growing […]

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Ideal Growing Conditions!

April 9, 2015 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative

  Ready, set, grow! All it takes is soil, water, sunlight, and … Having the right conditions at the right time makes a garden thrive, and plants that are nourished by a gardener’s skill will be hardier and more fertile than those that don’t receive the same care. Your gift to the Neighborhood Farm Initiative […]

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Springing forth!

March 11, 2015 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative

  It’s almost planting time! Save the Date: Summer gardening course starts April 18 If you want to become a more skilled gardener — or even if you’ve never grown vegetables before – NFI’s summer food-growing course provides everything you need to build your skills for sustainable gardening success! Ten sessions taught Saturday mornings at […]

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Harvesting, Storage, and Preservation

November 1, 2014 • Ian Whittington

With the help of a pitch fork and trowel I dug up sweet potato tubers. The amount of clay in the ground made it difficult.

The fall session is just about over, which means something important is about to start happening. Harvesting. Or to be more precise, fall harvesting. Because I first started planting in the spring I’ve been picking veggies for months. Those following my blog know that it was late summer when my beans exhausted themselves out because […]

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Seed Saving

October 17, 2014 • Ian Whittington

As we get deeper into fall my plot keeps changing. My turnips and carrots are doing well. In fact, I’ve already started to see turnip tops popping up. Could it really almost be time to harvest them? My sweet potato greens are finally starting to turn yellow, meaning I’m getting close to digging up what […]

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October 3, 2014 • Ian Whittington

Red wriggler worms from Joe's vermicomposting.

Throughout the class Joe has stressed how it important it is to respect all the natural processes that go into gardening. It all goes back to the notion that to have productive gardens you need to work with, not against nature. And what better way to work with nature than by composting with worms? This is […]

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Succession Planting

September 27, 2014 • Ian Whittington

I planted my peas under the tomatoes to take advantage of its shade before it dies.

I’ve been getting mixed results with all the seeds I’ve sowed lately. The peas I planted are doing really well. So are my carrots and turnips. I adore spinach, and luckily that’s sprouted too. Where I’ve had the most problems is with my lettuce. It’s just not coming up. Of the three varieties I’ve planted […]

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Green Tomatoes Galore

September 23, 2014 • Neighborhood Farm Initiative

End of season harvest

As today is the first day of fall, it seems like a good time to talk about what to do with all those green tomatoes on the vine that most likely will not turn red any time soon. Fall is also a good time to turn up that oven and bake again! While you can […]

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Fall Session Class Two – Planting

September 18, 2014 • Ian Whittington

All the wonderful transplants NFI provided us, include broccoli, kale, and lettuce.

Great news! It turns out I really am able to grow everything I wanted. Well, almost everything. This week Joe gave us the low down on what we can expect to plant for the fall season. With cool weather heading our way, we’re more limited with what we’re able to plant. While there won’t be […]

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