Before & After Saturday March 14

March 15, 2009

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

The before photo was taken on Halloween of 2008, about a month & a half after the Neighborhood Farm Initiative was conceived, and shows a section of the Mamie D Lee Community Garden that had laid fallow for several years and was entirely overgrown with a shoulder-high meadow!

The after photo was taken this past weekend, thanks to Rachel for spending the day driving our rented tractor around tilling up our 10,000 sq ft field– and thanks also to the large volunteer crew who helped clear the meadow-grass the weekend before!

We also had a sizeable crew of volunteers today seeding tomatoes, peppers, and more!

We’re really excited to get this project off the ground, and hope you can join us at 11:30am at the garden this Saturday March 21st for our low-key kickoff event, a free vegetable, herb & flower seed give-away!

We’ll also be spreading compost & wood-chip-paths across our field so it doesn’t get trampled, and doing some more planting.

Find more photos of our workday here!

Have a great week!

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