12 Days of NFI (before Christmas)

December 16, 2013

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

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4th day of NFI Christmas: Is for the Fourth month of the year: April! 

Why is April special? Historically April 23 is the Washington, DC’s area last frost date. This is the time we use to think about planning our garden! Start planning your garden for next year by using the calendar made by Grow it Eat it UMD’s Extension program: http://bit.ly/1jbqOcy

3rd day of NFI Christmas: Three-Sisters Garden!

A Three-Sister Garden is a companion planting plant that uses three main Native American staples: corn, squash, and beans. All plants do their part to help one another. The corn provides structure for the beans to climb, the squash provides shade and acts as a living mulch for the beans and corn, and the beans provide nitrogen for both the corn and squash.

Plant your three-sister garden next summer!

2nd day of NFI Christmas: Two new great programs next year

TWO new programs starting next year = Herbal Growing and Remedies through the seasons & our new Neighbor-to-Neighbor Farming program, in addition to our expanded Three Season Vegetable Growing Program. Check out all of them on our website: http://www.neighborhoodfarminitiative.org/programs/gardening-education-program/

1st day of NFI Christmas: One really awesome year!!
Our 1st day of NFI Christmas countdown= ONE REALLY AWESOME YEAR!

1500 pounds of fresh, organic produce donated to DC Central Kitchen, Bread for the City, and Brainfood

1790 hours put in by our fantastic volunteers. That’s a lot of dirty hands!

22 participants enrolled in our Garden Education Program

34 Vegetable growers interviewed for our DC Gardener Oral History Project

Thanks for helping us make this year awesome!

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