April 6, 2011

Author: Neighborhood Farm Initiative

Category: General News

Thanks to Neil Z. for conducting this survey and sharing his findings with our blog readers!

On Saturday, April 2, 2011, NFI volunteers joined with the Mamie D. Lee Community Gardeners for the monthly garden-wide cleanup day.

Mostly for fun, but also as an opportunity to meet some of the Community Gardeners, I went around and asked everyone on-site the following four questions:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your favorite plant to grow?
  3. What is your favorite plant to eat?
  4. What is an interesting/fun/other fact that you would like to share with the NFI community?

Please note: your faithful reporter claims no responsibility for the veracity nor the accuracy of the answers.


Name Favorite to grow Favorite to eat Fact to share with NFI community
Foster G. eggplant bok choy He has a paternal relationship with plants, is obsessed with eggplant, wants to get an eggplant tattoo and learn to breed eggplants, and writes songs for worms
Jenna B. peppermint and tomatoes chard She joined the NFI to impress her now-boyfriend Bailey; she keeps growing plants in her window sill, but they look so pretty that she never harvests them, so they go to seed and are dying
Kayley W. vines and tea herbs butternut squash Thinks more roller derbyers should garden, is a member of the DC Roller girls, loves Martha Squashington
Kristin G. jalapeno peppers tomatoes I have an awesome laugh
Kat B. cucumbers red peppers I do a good Woody Allen impression, and has eaten almost every part of a goat
Bob L. pole beans corn Like worms
S. D. sunflowers and okra pumpkins Mother taught him how to garden
Sophie K. potatoes kale Entered DC State fair with a cucumber she grew last year at the Garden, and won second place in the “funkiest-looking vegetable” category
Michelle W. basil Swiss chard Really dislikes worms, but is trying to get used to them
Seth S. carrot watermelon Used to work in Arizona at the biosphere
Brian R. sunflowers tomatoes
Harry B. green beans green beans Has participated for six years at the Mamie D. Lee Garden
David P. tomatoes tomatoes Left the Mamie D. Lee Garden for five years and is happy to be back
Milagros H. tomatoes basil
Elisa F. peas tomatoes It’s amazing how much work people can accomplish in one day
Morgan P. perennials and garlic tomatoes Dogs will eat organic fertilizer, especially if it comes from chickens
Aaron L. chili peppers sweet potatoes One can move a lot of manure in the back of a Toyota Corolla; the sweet potatoes he grew last year were awesome
Stacy L. tomatoes and beets tomatoes and beets
Eva S. arugula and tomatoes arugula and tomatoes
Gabi O. tomatoes kale One of the many carnivorous plants native to this area is drosera, which is really cool. It has spatulate leaves with red hairs that secrete a sweet sticky fluid; the sweetness lures in the insects, and the stickiness captures them. Then the leaf rolls up like a carpet, secretes enzymes that dissolve the insects bodies, and then absorbs the nutrients.
Susan Y. honeydew melons green peas It’s a nice morning
Bea T. garlic eggplant She is a dual citizen of the USA and the UK
Sophie S. tomatoes squash This is the first time she has ever done any agricultural- or gardening-related work
Cathy A. basil vine-ripened tomatoes Wants to try growing Peruvian peppers
Tim S. spinach spinach Radioactive rain is falling on the United States right now
Brook D. lettuce lettuce and carrots The radiation that is falling on the United States is only in trace amounts, and not at all hazardous
Allison B. sweet potatoes and okra sweet potatoes and okra Over 60,000 birds die each year in New York City due to their flying into buildings
Sarah M. cherry tomatoes watermelon Cherry tomatoes taste better than candy

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